Est. 1855

Bishopstowe is situated on the outskirts of Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal.

It consists of a small farming community, a few small businesses, inlcuding overnight accommodation, and a sport centre at the Bishopstowe Hall.

The area was established in 1855 by Bishop Colenso and his famliy. The homestead and mission, which they occupied at Bishopstowe and Ekukhanyeni until 1910, is an historical site of major local and national significance.

Bishopstowe Sports Park & Hall


Bishopstowe Sports Park & Hall is the home of:

Bishopstowe Polocrosse Club

Bishopstowe Badminton Club

Duke of York Trail Run

Bishopstowe Walking Club

The facility is available for functions – wedding receptions, birthday parties, reunions, and mini conferences/meetings.

Please join us for our walks! We have beautiful surroundings, fresh air, and everything you need to release your stress after a busy day.

We do a 5km walk, every Monday & Wednesday from 16h45.

For more info please contact Tracey Seymour at: 082 448 2271

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