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BLARA membership includes the following:

  • Rental and use of the hall and facilities at a discounted rate
  • Use of the showers, electricity and water at the hall for emergencies
  • Yearly rental of a post box at the hall
  • Updates on local affairs, including security  (The BLARA committee currently has 3 representatives on the Community Policing Forum committee)

We would like to plead and encourage the community to please support the hall in order for it to survive during the coronavirus crisis by paying their outstanding subs, join as new members or by making a donation. The hall’s income depends solely on events and functions. Due to the current national state of disaster the hall will be without an income until the virus is under control. The hall is our community’s hub, a place to meet and spend quality time with people from our community, but it’s also our place to gather when we experience a natural disaster, or need assistance with any emergency situation. It’s necessary for the hall to stay open to assist the community in times of  need.

New membership and renewed membership will be valid until August 2021.

Your support would be greatly appreciated!

To apply for new membership or renew your subs please fill out the form below:

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